Mr. Landscaper Of Suffolk has been doing Hydroseeding since 1970. Mr. Landscaper Of Suffolk provides Hydro-Seeding services in both Residential and Commercial. Minimum 5,000 square feet of area.

Poison Ivy Control

Poison ivy is often found along fence rows, railroad embankments, roadsides, transmission lines, in parks, nature preserves and many other wooded areas. Always be on the lookout for this vine in these areas regardless of the season. Poison ivy vines are poisonous the year around. There always the potential of transferring some of the oil present in the leaves, stem, fruits, roots or flowers of the poison ivy plant to the skin. It is this poisonous oil which causes the skin irritation identified with poison ivy. Although contact with the plant is normally the method of poisoning, an individual can also be poisoned by handling clothing, tools, objects or animals which have become contaminated with the oil.

Mr. Landscaper Of Suffolk professionally controls all of your Poison Ivy problems.